Youth of the Month Essays (2017-18)

Alexis Cordova – October 2017

Round Lake taught me many responsibilities and shaped me as the person I am today. It shaped me for the better and for the good of the world; It shaped me as a Panther. How could one describe a Panther? A panther has many great qualities and characteristics: out- going, composed, giving, caring, helpful and most importantly full of grit and pride. Round Lake community taught me to be appreciative and be passionate about helping and assisting my peers and others to the best of my ability. Round Lake shaped me into a genuinely good person, which in turn benefits the community because it is creating socially responsible future generations. For instance, on my free time I joined a medical scholarship program called Penwasciz at Advocate Condell Hospital. I get to assist all the nurses and surgeons with hands on patient care. This was a great experience because it proved that I belong in the medical field. I volunteered two hours every Monday for the last 8 months and I always wanted to volunteer for longer because it increased my passion for the medical world.

RLAS not only shaped me as a caring person but as well as a leader/ mentor. I am a volleyball player at Round Lake Senior High School and I take great pride in being the libero, which is a defensive specialist. Since our team is considered “young”, I go out my way to take all the lower level classmen under my wing to not only work on skills on the court, but how to represent and take pride in being a Panther.  In addition of the being the Volleyball captain and libero, I am also a Panther Crew Leader. I have the responsibility of mentoring all the lowerclassmen at the high school, specifically the freshman. I am available to answer any possible questions about the high school; whether it be directions about the school campus or who to talk to if they are struggling in school. I pass down all my past knowledge, share my experiences with them, and most importantly show them the true meaning of “panther pride.”

Round Lake has truly shown me how to be responsible and in return, I am hoping I am showing how to do that to future generations. It is not only about following up with responsibilities, volunteering your time, but also about loving the place that has given you the ability to learn and do that. I love Round Lake and who it has shaped me to be and there is no other community I would want to be from.